6 more countries offer to sell warships to Philippines – DND



MANILA – At least six foreign countries are offering frigates to the Philippines after the Department of National Defense (DND) expressed interest in purchasing at least two more warships to boost territorial defense amid the dispute at West Philippine Sea.

Fernando Manalo, Defense Undersecretary for finance, munitions, installations and materiel, disclosed that aside from Italy, countries that are offering their frigates are South Korea, Spain, United States, Israel, Croatia, and Australia.

Manalo said that earlier, the Philippines is only eyeing the refurbished Maestrale-class frigates from the Italian navy worth over P11 billion, but more countries have made their offers in the latter part of 2012.

“Other countries are now just being convinced that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is serious in its efforts to make itself stronger and more credible,” Manalo said.

Manalo further disclosed that some of the countries were offering brand new frigates. He added that the DND is still in the process of conducting studies to determine which type of frigate will be best for the country.

He said the department hopes to come up with a decision by the end of January. “Within this month something must happen,” Manalo said.

“Due diligence is being exercised here because we are talking of billions of pesos,” he added.

Meanwhile, the AFP’s Western Command has not monitored any Chinese vessels on disputed territories at West Philippine Sea.

Air reconnaissance conducted Thursday showed no signs of Chinese warships, said Lieutenant General Juancho Sabban, Western Command commander.

“As per information from my commanders, we conducted aerial recon (Thursday), we didn’t see any of the new vessels that China said they will deploy to West Philippine Sea, and I understand also that from reports (that) China already retracted its statement that they will board and search all vessels passing through West Philippine Sea. I think this is a good development,” Sabban said. Source: InterAksyon.com

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5 thoughts on “6 more countries offer to sell warships to Philippines – DND

  1. hindi magandang balita yan maraming nag offer ng warship sa PH noong wala pa ni isa walang may nag offer ngayon na almost done ang negotiate with Italy many more countries to come offer their warship.

    what i can say is go ahead in maestrale and some to the other countries warship and compare them which is more lethal . For my opinion only Maestrale class frigate is more lethal if compare to those others except spain because their warship is all Aegis warship.

  2. THE Philippines with a $78 Billion money reserves can easily buy a Coastal Mobile Missiles Defense cheaper by 50 percent than buying a new fighter planes and warships. I just read a defense think tank topic of Mr. Felix K Chang, senior fellow from FPRI (Foriegn Policy Research Institute) regarding the pitiful situation of Philippine Military against Chinese navy occupying some islands in Spratlys. The Philippine government is now desperately trying to buy even surplus warships and planes just to counter the aggression.I am impressed at Mr. Chang’s observation and comments regarding how to control this Chinese warships now occupying some the Philippine claimed islands. Come to think of it that Chinese Warships are too far from mainland China (500 miles more distance) than compared to less than 200 miles from Palawan and Luzon islands. This can be covered very effectively by just deploying a batteries of Coastline Mobile Anti Ship Missiles anything for offense and defense.It is now compulsory and a grieve national concern about this Chinese aggression to be check and countered According to Mr. Chang, the amount of purchasing this missiles is 50 percent less than buying a traditional weapons in terms of warships and fighter planes. The Phil. government can start negotiating for this (2) types of missiles which are the Russian made P-800 Yakhont or the U.S. made RGM-84L Harpoon. 36 Batteries each deployed in Palawan and northern part of Luzon can satisfy the defense capabilities to drive out this bullying chinese ships. The Phil. government can buy the warships and fighter planes later. That distance does not need a warships to contain this aggression. The destructive power of the Harpoon Missiles are awesome! it can pulverize any ships in seconds!Let’s release one missile and shoot one of this Chinese surveillance ship and tell this guys to move out or be sink! Wew have the right to shoot since they intrude into our territory. Vietnam had already deployed this batteries to their coastlines facing South China Sea

  3. excited ako sa kahit anung new warship na bibilhin ng pinas. syempre yung may capabilty magpasabog ng kapwa barko. eroplano at submarine. BRP Lapu-Lapu BRP Sulayman, BRP Lakandula, BRP Mandirigma, BRP Magtanggol, BRP Manunugis, BRP Tabak, BRP Gulok, BRP Mandaragat, BRP Magiting, BRP Mabalasik, BRP Hagibis, BRP Bangis.

  4. dapat bilihin na talaga ung maestraele s italian navy kc mas effective ung missile capabilities nila ky s hamilton n binili nila kc walang missile ano lang SRBOC pang countermeasure lang.

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