Acquisition Of Ships, Aircraft Fast-tracked



MANILA, Philippines — The Department of National Defense (DND) is now expediting acquisition of modern naval ships and fighter aircraft badly needed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

DND spokesman Peter Paul Galvez cited the need for the immediate acquisition of equipment to boost the capability of the military, particularly the Navy and Air Force, to protect the country’s vast maritime domain.

He said ships and aircraft were long sought by former defense officials during the past administrations.

“We need those equipment yesterday and we need it more now,” said Galvez, adding that the need for these modern equipment was highlighted by the series of maritime incursions experienced by the Philippines early this year.

Galvez did not give a specific timetable when these equipment would be received by the AFP but stressed “it would be soon.”

Among those being fast-tracked by the DND is the acquisition of two Maestrale-class frigates from Italy, and TA-50 aircraft from South Korea.

“Aside from protecting the country’s territorial waters, these naval vessels can prove useful in search-and-rescue missions considering that many maritime mishaps and accidents transpire in our waters,” said Galvez Source:

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2 thoughts on “Acquisition Of Ships, Aircraft Fast-tracked

  1. I am a government employee, im sorry to say that when we have a standoff with China in our scarborough shoal, my heart bleeds with frustration when my countrymen and our AFP people were helpless in dealing with the bullying of the demon -China. I will pray that our government will proceed with the acquisition of the 12 fighter jets from South Korea, the purchase of 2 Maestralle frigates from Italy, and other important armaments that will arm our Armed forces that will deal with China in the future…. If ever war is imminent I am ready to fight for my country and I will volunteer myself to be a soldier to fight for my country…… Ayoko lang na aapihin ang bansa natin kasi ako mismo ay nasasaktan dahil dito…. I hope our President Aquino will continue to purchase more warships for our country….. and more fighter jets……

  2. I only hope that the planning acquisition of these military hardware will not end to the Aquino administration, this must continue until we attain a sufficient deterrent capabilities by the armed forces as our teritorial disputes is not only with China, but also Malaysia (Sabah). Time will come when the next generation of Filipino youngsters will ask an explanation on why we let this injustice happened to our country ?

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